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Discover peace and transformation. Scale into the surreal but natural landscape around you…

– Jillian

This slow music song is about 1 hour for Tiny Lotus and its benefits for meditation.

Be aware that the relaxation music here is designed to help you for studying, learning, and increasing creativity for better workflow. Consider this as general background music, music for meditation, music to relax, music for sleep, instrumental music for anxiety, and even many other meditative activities throughout your day.

What is in this Soothing Music and its cultural history?

This song features traditional Chinese flute music, that can help anyone that needs study music, music for homework, yoga music, spiritual ambient music, and chillout hypnotic slow music themes. Some people would also turn to this song for its piano music as it works perfectly with this track. Many people like to listen with headphones as relaxation can promote healing. The song promotes positive energy, tranquility, peace, and beauty that can balance out negative vibes. Some would even compare the positive energy boosted by this song similar to new age music popularized in the 90s as it features cultural instruments.

However it would be a mistake to assume this, as the bamboo flute has cultural roots that from 433 BCE. It was found as early as this within the Tomb of Marquid Yi of Zeng in Hubei, China.

Music listeners from around the world searches for different kind of music that suits their everyday needs, which may include: peaceful music, beautiful music, basic anti-stress sleep music. The mind is a powerful force, and zen or inner peace is vital to the functions of the body in times of stress.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, people would can have many different type of usage for calm music. This usage can as different as massage music, spa music during times to unwind, soft music that works from our minds and channel to the chakra of our body. Healing music or generally wellness music can be even simple way to enhance the lively positive mood in our normal every day lives.

Understanding Mood Music:

The mood set forth in this song includes instrumental piano and Chinese flute combination. It can described as soft music, and depicts Asian photographically art of authentic mountains iconic to landscapes around provinces. Chinese music themes that can bring serenity to the listener to embraces the healing sounds. Similar theme songs can include binaural, delta wave, alpha wave, and other brainwave entrainment that can promote peacefulness. However, while it works the same way, the mind needs to adapt and absorb the positive moments in life. While emotional as this track is, this song blends both the best of Eastern and Western influence,

Our Tiny Lotus channel seeks to include slow piano, nature music, traditional music, and other mindful health beneficial soothing sounds for our listeners in the future. So if you like our channel please stick around and listen.


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Peaceful Music by 陳悅

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