15 Minutes OM Meditation

OM Mantra meditation 15 minutes. Om mantra Chanting for yoga & Meditation.


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Daily divine channel’s main aim is to provide spiritual devotional content, literature and mantras with an innovative soothing way of presentation in the form of music. The main objective of the content is to give some kind of basic knowledge about the content so that a devotee can take a maximum outcome out of it. And the other motive of making content is to spread Vedic Indian mantra knowledge, benefits and understanding among the religious souls to attain the spiritual path and destination later on. We believe that going on the direction of spirituality is challenging but not impossible. A person can begin his/ her journey at any point in his/her life, and by practising meditation could lead them to the right direction of spirituality. We always try to put maximum and rightful efforts towards creating our devotional music and literature to provide some kind of support for your spiritual journey. May God bless your life with fortune, Happiness, healthiness and overall wellbeing.

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Little about myself:
My name is Naren, and I have a great connection with music and fine art since my childhood. A few years ago I had a great feeling about creating and producing devotional music and ever since I started working on my creation of music. This process strengthened me inside greatly with a thought of sharing information, positivity and happiness among the devotee souls so that they can obtain little help from my music to attain their spiritual goals.

Music & Singing: Naren
Concept, Design, Editing: Naren
Contact: email: narenz03@gmail.com


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