432Hz – 10 Hour Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Sound Bath 4K | No Talking | Singing Bowls – Sound Bath

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10 Hours of our very best singing bowl sleep music compiled in to one video for deep sleep, study, meditation, or just relaxation and a clear minded while you go about your day.

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Below we’ve shared links for the exact equipment we’re using! If you use the links below to purchase any equipment, a tiny portion of the sale 💰 goes to us to continue to fund our channel 💸
👇Our Gear👇🥣
Crystal Singing Bowls –
Chimes –
Rain Stick –
Wind Chime –
👇Design👇 🕯🏮
Tea Lights –
Salt Lamp –
Singing Bowl Waterproof LEDs –
Ocean Wave Projector –
👇Camera & Audio👇 🎥💡🎤
Mic – Audix SCX1HC
Audio Recorder – H4N Pro
Camera – Sony a7iii
4k Capable SD Card
Lens – Sony FE 24-105mm G OSS
Tripod – eImage GH05
Video Monitor – Bestview S7 4K
Lights – Aputure 120D mark ii
Diffusion – Aputure Light Dome II
GoPro – 7 Black
Drone – Mavic 2 Pro
Micro SD for GoPro and Drone
Stabilizer – Ready Rig GS
Gimbal – DJI Ronin-M

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