ASTRAL PROJECTION Guided Meditation for BEGINNERS | 3-Hours | 3.86Hz Isochronic Tone

With voice over from experienced astral projection teacher, Todd Acamesis, this 3-hour guided astral projection meditation uses isochronic tones, guided visualisation, and energy work, to assist you with entering the necessary deep state of relaxation for astral projection. Although this guided meditation is aimed at beginners, its also suitable for more experienced explorers who desire to try something a little different.

The breathing exercise at the beginning of my guided meditations, are likely faster than what you're used to, which might cause light-headedness, the first few times you use them. If you do feel light-headed, just slow down or stop, just don't over do it. Most people struggle in the beginning, so just build up slowly, one day at a time. Also, faster breathing does not mean you're going to hyperventilate… typical hyperventilation happens when you exhale for longer than you inhale, causing uncontrolled, uneven breathing. Faster breathing styles have been practised safely for hundreds of years… from the ancient Tummo meditation, practised in Tibetan Buddhism, to the more modern day Wim Hoff method… both of which use controlled, even breathing patterns for increasing vital life force energy.

The breathing pattern in my guided meditations are one-second inhale and one-second exhale, which is comparable to research that reveals our breathing increases to between 15-30 breath cycles per minute, during our long est REM sleep cycles, which is dream related sleep. Its theorised that increased melatonin is being produced during this faster breathing stage, which probably plays a role in dream formation. Its further theorised that small amounts of DMT a.k.a. the spirit molecule, is also being produced due to the increased breathing… DMT is linked to transcendental states, and is produced in large quantities during near-death-experiences.

If this is all new to you, I suggest keeping an open mind to this new information, and be open to personal experimentation, because controlled breathing has been used for thousands of years by shamans and spiritual practitioners, to energise the subtle bodies for journeying, as well as, to achieve psychedelic-like states without using psychedelics.

This guided astral projection meditation is best used with the guidance I offer in this video:

If you have any questions or get stuck, please post a reply on the pinned comment in the comment section and I'll answer as timely as I can, thanks.

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