Awaken Your Inner Energy Healer With This | Deborah King

Master energy healer, Deborah King, gifts you a technique that will awaken your inner energy healer and activate and supercharge your spiritual development. Click here to watch the first hour for FREE👉

Deborah King is constantly asked how she operates with the endless zest of an energizer bunny. In this video, she shares with you how she does it and you can, too.

Her technique is simple, yet powerful.

This energy technique activates a key point in your body and energy field (your thymus gland) that opens and clears your channel to the Unified Field of all Energy (A.K.A. The Divine) and allows you to connect to the Masters of the Universe. You’ll also learn how you can use this technique everyday to strengthen your inner energy healer.


00:34 How you can access all of these energies
01:26 Start of the Meditation Lesson
04:42 Conclusion


Having spread her word through multiple New York Times best-selling books like Be Your Own Shaman and Truth Heals, her contributions to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and her numerous appearances on ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox television channels, her name is synonymous with self-healing.

All of this is particularly exceptional when you consider Deborah’s past. At one point in her life, she was a successful attorney who had buried her childhood emotional and sexual abuse through alcohol, drug abuse and the constant pursuit of success. Her wake up call was a cancer diagnosis which got her into a quest for healing that took her around the world to learn from many masters, especially those in India. Her amazing recovery led her to leave the corporate arena for the field of energy medicine, where she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful technique of her own.

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