CLEANSE CHAKRA BLOCKAGES with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cleanse Aura and Balance Chakra, Relax & Sleep

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All Tibetan Singing Bowls at iSingingBowls are half a percent of what we go through in the Himalayas. We only offer our customers the finest sounds and bowls which produces harmonically balanced tones.

Powerful energy force is flowing through and around your body. The 7 Chakras of the physical body are the centers of focus for mental, spiritual and emotional energy. When your chakras are strong, in harmony, and flowing, you have an abundant resource of energy to draw your strength from.
When one or more chakras becomes blocked, it’s like a kink in a garden hose; you can still get water out, but now you’re down to a trickle. With your chakras blocked, the amount of energy that you have available to you is limited. And the healing sounds of these Legendary quality Tibetan bowls helps you remove chakra blockages.

Please Subscribe and join us in this Journey of Sound Healing through vibrations of Tibetan handcrafted Singing Bowls and Crystal quartz Singing Bowls to help you relax, de-stress through better sleep, stronger concentration and improved mental health.

We would appreciate every comments and feedback that you can leave for us so that we can improve and help more people with what we can and have.

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