Constructing a floating building in 32 HOURS | Red Bull F1 Energy Station

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso have a new place to call home on the road during the Formula 1 season. The two teams unveiled the new Red Bull F1 Energy Station, aka the F1 Holzhaus (or Wood House) at the Spanish Grand Prix, that will act as their joint base at eight other European races this season.

While simplicity lies at the heart of our new Energy Station’s function, it’s a very complex structure. So, just to keep things interesting, after the Spanish Grand Prix, the crew will be taking it down in a hurry, transporting it to Imperia on the Italian Riviera, and rebuilding it there on a barge, to be towed to Monte Carlo. Due to the tight space restrictions in the dramatic Monaco harbour, the Energy Station needs to be built on a barge, where it will then make the journey by sea to Monaco.

With 265,000 kilos of sustainably sourced timber and 85 windows being moved into millimetre perfect positions, it can be a difficult process. With heavy rains and storms forecasts, the question is, can the team complete the build and transport the energy station to Monaco in time for the Grand Prix?

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