Distant Reiki Session

My first Distance Reiki Video–now dozens with better audio and video quality on the channel. Reiki is universally guided life force energy that cannot harm. Anyone may learn Reiki to help themselves, others and animals regardless of age, background and belief. My passion is teaching Reiki and sharing it through my videos and livestreams. Subscribe and opt in for notifications to join me live. BTW, I'm doing YouTube my way–for you! I'm not in the ad program, so you shouldn't see any ads on my channel. I'm not trying to sell products either. Playlists about Reiki Basics, Reiki Business Success and of course–Healing videos. Welcome!

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Music Credit: (Across the Sky) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. . Licensed by Enlightened Audio.

This video is not a substitute for seeking professional medical care but is offered for relaxation and stress reduction which support the bodyโ€™s natural healing capabilities. Reiki is a complement to and never a replacement for professional medical care. Results vary by individual.

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