Rain Sounds for Sleeping – Sound of Heavy Rainstorm & Thunder in the Misty Forest At Night

Rain Sounds for Sleeping – Sound of Heavy Rainstorm & Thunder in the Misty Forest At Night
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Hello friends I am a fan of rain music.
If you are having trouble sleeping or stressed, tired, try listening to nature sounds of rain in this video. The sound of natural rain is a sound that helps you relax your mind, reduce stress, fall asleep easily and sleep well all night.

I have been having trouble sleeping at night and being stressed because work is so pressure One day it rained, I felt my human being in the best way, I kicked to learn about the sound of rain.

I hear drops falling on the ground, the tinkling of the water that impacts incessantly and you notice how your body gradually relaxes. It is the effect that the sound of falling rain causes in our body. An automatic and unconscious effect for which thousands of people do not hesitate to put this music close to their ears when they go to sleep or need to relax.

Undoubtedly, the sound of rain is one of the most popular melodies of nature that exist: it helps not only to relax but also to fall asleep for children and adults.

But why does it cause this effect? Many experts in music therapy have analyzed the effects of the sound of rain on our body. When listening to music of this type, our minds usually transport us to a rainy day in our home, where we are sheltered from it at home and in which, protected, we simply listen to the drops fall on the ground, while we see the storm in the window, without getting wet.

Agile but calm sounds that give us relaxing minutes, bringing to mind that particular smell of wet earth and projecting on us the color of landscapes after a storm. The sound of rain, therefore, gives us pleasant moments and a feeling of protection.
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