Raising Your Vibrational Energy with Jeffrey Allen & Simerjeet Singh | ENERGY HEALING

Energy healer, famous author, and speaker Jeffrey Allen has taught hundreds and thousands of people how to harness the power of their energy to improve their relationships, deepen their spiritual connection and increase their happiness.

Jeffrey's mission is to make Energy Work and Higher Awareness available to everyone. And in this exciting podcast of the Beginner's Mind series, hosts Simerjeet Singh and Jeffrey Allen try to simplify the Energy World for you.

In this wide-ranging discussion on spiritual awakening, manifestation, the law of attraction, energy healing, and mindset, Jeffery and Simerjeet speak about finding passion & meaning and unburdening ourselves from needless conflict and pain.

You are sure to stumble upon ideas and inspiration to meditate, heal yourself, and understand that your most important currency is energy.

00:00 Introduction
02:05 Jeffrey Allen's Journey
05:15 How to surround Yourself with the right kind of energy?
08:50 How to Start Your Day?
13:12 On the Higher Self
18:35 On the Energy of Love
32:40 Is Quitting and Letting go the same?
38:27 How to Create a Beautiful Life?

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Jeffrey Allen is a popular Mindvalley author and speaker, a powerful energy healer, and a pioneer in online energy training. Through live seminars and online energy training, Jeffrey has taught thousands of people to tap into their intuition and harness the power of their own energy – to improve their relationships, deepen their spiritual connection, and increase their personal presence, happiness, and impact in the world.

Jeffrey's mission is to make energy work & higher awareness available to everyone – so we can each release ourselves from needless conflict & pain, and embrace happy, fulfilled lives of true passion, purpose & meaning. Jeffrey lives in Japan with his amazingly intuitive wife Hisami. Together, they are bridging the gap between east and west, and helping people around the world awaken their true spiritual potential.

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