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Morning Flute Music Lead by Himalayan Flute Bansuri (बाँसुरी). The Himalayan Flute (बाँसुरी) is carved from a special type of bamboo that grows to longer lengths between the nodules. This type of bamboo is found primarily in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains Nepal And India. The bamboo is cut and treated with natural oils for strength and preservation. After the material has been selected and treated, the mouth hole is cut into the side of an end. The opening nearer the blowhole is plugged with a cork, forcing the air to travel past the finger holes to escape.
The holes in the instrument are measured and burned into the bamboo with hot metal skewers. This method is chosen to prevent the material from splitting and altering the sound. After the drilling, each finger hole is sanded to ensure smoothness and an airtight seal between the instrument and the player's fingertips. After the detailing is finished, the product is quality tested by measuring the distances between each hole and mouthpiece, the wall thickness, the diameter of finger holes and the tone of the musical notes. After the instrument is completed, it is decorated and bound with nylon or silk.

▶️ In this Music Video other contributors:
• Theme : Morning On Himalaya
• Flute : Ratna BK
• Video Clip : Video by Joe Hackney from Pixabay
• Thumbnail Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay
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